Rhea Bergmann
Hobbies and Past Times
It is extremely important to maintain a healthy balanced life style. Having said that, it is often easier to say than do! Here are a few ideas to remind you to engage in activities you enjoy. You do not need to do all of them every day, but attempt to do what you can manage for a part of the day. Below are examples of what I enjoy doing.
I absolutely love my garden. I am amazed every time a tiny fruit or seedling appears and then develops into edible produce. Here is a tiny mandarin look how it grew!
Lisa Chapman
Music sooths me a great deal. I listen to all types depending on how I feel. The best thing about music is you don’t have to set aside special time you can just listen anytime. Nowadays with mobile phone devices you can stream, download and not effect any one else while you listen. It is great to do housework while rocking out to your favourite tunes.
Colouring has become very popular over the past few years. Once thought of as child’s play, adults alike love to colour. There a a huge range of affordable books in most stores. I even obtained one from the library that is a sharing book, people colour and sign the book ready for the next person to borrow and colour their page. It was lovely to see all the others pages that had been coloured.
Sally Fox
Beach walking
Who doesn’t love the beach. Most people flock there during the warmer months but I love it in the cold months just as much! The air is crisp and fresh, the waves crashing and it is usually deserted. Wrap up warm or if you don’t want or should not walk just drive to the seaside, wind down your windows and take in the sight and sounds of the sea.
Time with my cat
It is such a simple pleasure to cuddle my cat. He is always willing and loves the attention. I rescued him from the RSPCA he had been there for 7 months! He loves his home now though.
If you don’t really want a large animal like a cat then think about a smaller animal, I kept fish for years I liked looking at them and because I didn’t really have time to dedicated to them it was fine, their not really into cuddles.
Molly Kempson
During many years of study I didn’t have the time or brain power to read for fun. Now I can choose a book or two or three on the go that I fancy. Again it depends on how I feel and the trusty library have all manner of books. I often pick up second hand ones too in charity shops like Salvos.
Georgia Pic
Art and craft
Art and craft is a fantastic past time. I have a scrap book that I attack once a year. I admit I’m not the greatest as design but it doesn’t matter it’s only for me. There are so many affordable accessories now it is fun and inexpensive.
Nicole Middleton
I really enjoy researching on the Internet.There is just so much information to hand. I look up latest eating disorder information and research, new therapy ideas or just interesting subjects.
Annabelle Miller
This is fabulous. Free down-loadable pod-casts. There are heaps of topics to choose from, I often listen to one of the many gardening shows while in my garden. And I love Dr Karl on Tripple J.
Gatherings with our Motorbike club
My husband who is ex military recently bought a motorbike and joined us up with The Military Brotherhood Motorbike Club. We meet for rides and to socialise every few months. It is great fun being on the back of a bike.I never thought I would enjoy it so much and we raise much needed funds for associated charities.
I love the stage, acting, singing and dancing. I was apart of a armature drama group for many years. I sometimes entertain at residential old peoples homes, singing old war and London songs.
Things I avoid
Negativity on social media, I don’t like it at all. Negative people! Avoid Avoid Avoid! Any sentence with the word “Should”, feeling guilty for enjoying my past times.
Perhaps twice a year I go to the cinema, at least one of those times I ensure I go to the moonlight cinema in the Botanical Gardens. It is magical when the sun goes down and the stars appear.
Taking a long soak in the bath with heaps of bubbles, music on and with candles, pure bliss.
Hand writing letters
My friend and I have been hand writing letters to each other for 30 years or more. She lives in the South of France. Letters take a week to arrive, it would be faster and simpler to email or text, facebook message. But we both love receiving our letters. When one arrives I often wait to read it, when everything is done and I have a little quite time. I have been known to wait 3 or 4 days for the right time to read my letter. Once my friend didn’t have paper so she wrote on some toilet roll, I laughed out loud as I unraveled the long roll of loo paper.
My name is Ralph and I used to volunteer for EDASA because of all the attention I received. I was happy to go to work every day, and now I am happy to be used as an example of how good memories can help with your road to recovery.Woof!