Supervision is a process whereby I support practitioners by monitoring to help them develop and refine their skills in the counselling profession.

Receiving supportive and constructive feedback is important as this will highlight strengths and areas for improvement. You will be given the opportunity to reflect and the opportunity to learn and practice new techniques to work with clients. If you are new in the field, it is especially important your supervisor has experience, not only in the industry but as an educator.

I have taught the Diploma of Counselling for many years and Mental Health/Illnesses as part of a degree.

I meet many counsellors who tell me they feel underconfident providing counselling as the study they did was not sufficient to prepare them for the industry. I will offer you the guidance you need to build your confidence and provide you with the information you need to keep you compliant with industry ethical and legislative requirements and adhering to your peak body’s codes of conduct.

For the experienced practitioner, I offer a deep exploration ensuring we reach the primary goals of supervision – that is, to build knowledge and consolidate your therapeutic skills, provide you with support at a personal and professional level and ensure you are maintaining ethical standards and responsibilities.

I am very passionate about the industry and offer very affordable rates as I know the difficulties counsellors and psychotherapists face. As I still lecturer I have an income and therefore can help peers and colleagues with reduced rates.